We all have a HERSTORY! Here is MySociety's...

Michaela Hutchison

Founder/Community Architect

Emily Dickson once said, "A good friend is my nearest relation". As a first generation Canadian, and one who has moved around, Michaela's "Girlfriends" continue to be a lifeline and priceless treasures to her.

Michaela Hutchison, SSW, Event Coordinator, Humanitarian, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Producer, Community Activist, was born in Ontario and now lives in Calgary. A wife of 21 years, mother of two teenagers and two dogs, she is committed to connecting women in a positive forum by way of her community based, wellness, synergetic, MySociety Gatherings. 

When we gather together we can do ANYTHING!

Michaela invites you to join the MySociety friendship circle today! Register your email address at mailto:www.myhutchison@shaw.ca



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